Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pipi Longstocking

I have been reading a book about Pipi Longstocking. My sister gave me the first book and I found the other series at a library (in Benwheeler) where we volunteer. The first book, Pipi Longstocking, is about a little girl named Pipi. She has red hair freckles and she lives by herself in an old house named Villa Velluka. She's not all alone though. Mr. Nelson the monkey, lives there too, and she has a horse that lives in her parlor.

Her friends Tommy and Anneka live next door. They are her best friends. Her father is a cannibal king who sailed away to the South Seas. Her mother is dead. Pipi inherited her fathers money so she doesn't have to worry about money.                
              Read the book to find out more!! 

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