Thursday, March 6, 2014

Magic Tree House Books

I love the Magic Tree House Books.  The Twister on Tuesday is one of  my favorites. The books are about a boy named Jack and his little sister, Annie. Together they have magical adventures in a time-travelling tree house.  They have been all over the world. Morgan Le Fay is a magical lady from Camelot who helps them get books. There's also the Merlin Missions books. They continue where the 27 Magic Tree House books end. There are 24 Merlin Missions so far. My big sister Laura Ashley started collecting the books when she was my age. Now I have her's and mine, which is almost all the books. I want to get the other books I don't have for my birthday.  If you're not into magic don't worry, the books are mainly about history while Jack and Annie travel.                                  
Jack and Annie

If you have read a Magic Tree House book, then comment and tell me all about it!!! 

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