Friday, May 17, 2013

Flat Stanley

This is the first Flat Stanley book in the series, in it a bulletin board fell on Stanley Lamchop & makes him flat!! At first he enjoys it, but all of a sudden things go wrong!

Stanley becomes flat AGAIN. But this time he doesn't enjoy it one bit!!!

  The President has invited Stanley Lamchop to save people in space from hunger !!
The Lamchop family can't find Stanley. All of a sudden they realize he is invisible !!!! 
Santa's daughter comes to Stanley's house and asks him to come to the North Pole.
I did not want to tell you too much about each book so you could enjoy reading them.  I really like this series and I hope you will too.
Comment if you have read one of these, let me know which one. Tell me what you thought of it.

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