Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's great to be 8 !!!

I turned 8 a few days ago. I had a great birthday.  For my birthday  we went to a place called The Villages. It was an indoor waterpark. You  get a big tube that can seat one or two people. It's called an inner tube. They have two big slides that go all around the building and you ride tubes through. They also have a lazy river and wave pool. A wave pool has waves that rush over you. They had a bunch of smaller body slides (that means you lay down and water carries you through them), and this big bucket. When it is filled with water it dumps and soaks you!


I got a lot of nice presents from my family and friends. My brother got me a police playset. My mom and dad got me some books, a tow truck, and sticker books. My sister got me gummy worms and and Magic Treehouse books!! My birthday was really fun.  Here are some pictures:

My birthday cake!

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