Monday, August 12, 2013

Who wrote 'It is Well With My Soul'?

 As part of our homeschool, we have been learning about famous hymns and their writers. In 1860 , Horatio G. Spafford, his wife, Anna ,  son, & daughters were living in a Chicago suburb. He was a rich lawyer. His faith was tested by God when his 4 year old his son died of scarlet fever. Still  he had faith . During   the  Great Chicago Fire all of the houses he had invested in burnt down .  Still he had faith in God.  Horatio, Anna & his 4 girls were going to Europe to relieve their stress. Before they could leave, Horatio had some late business to attend to, so he sent his wife and children there alone. As they set sail a iron boat hit the boat they were in. Anna struggled to hold on. She grasped part of the boat, and  she was finally rescued. the rescue ship took her to Carbon, Wales. There she sent  her husband six  simple words : "Saved alone .. What shall  I do?" Horatio came immediately. As his ship passed the spot where his daughters died, he sadly penned the words to 'It is Well With My Soul'. He knew that, even though he was sad, all his children were Christians and he would see them again in Heaven someday. He and his wife started a ministry in Jerusalem. They eventually had 3 more kids. The video above will tell you a little more, and then you can hear the song.

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