Saturday, July 25, 2015

9 Srange Facts

          ~FAMOUS PEOPLE~

  1.    Most people know that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but...not many people know that he invented cement furniture! His company molded a piano, bathtub and cabinets. Also, not many people know he invented a cigar with a flame that never went out!
  2.    Samuel Clemens, known for his work as the author Mark Twain, patented suspenders!
  3.    If you've been to school (which by law you have to) then you probably know that John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln - but you probably don't know that John Wilkes Booth tried to kidnap him three times before to trade for Confederate soldiers!
  4. Lydon Baines Johnson gave people electric toothbrushes if they promised to vote for him. He said that then people would think about him first thing in the morning and last thing at night!
  5. The famous song 'twinkle, twinkle,little star' was written by 6year old Wolfgang Mozart!  
                  Famous Gangsters  
  1. The famous gangster George "Machine gun"Kelly never used a machine gun!
  2. Al Capone could never be proved guilty for his crimes.The only reason he went to prison was because of taxes!
                       weird facts   
  1. the largest bubble was 22 inches
  2. a boy waS ONce  sleep walked 10o milES AwAy from his home 
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