Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Great Outdoors

Hello viewers I am very sorry I have not been able to post sooner.  From now on I'm going to try to post every Wednesday and do a book report every Monday.
Lately I have been outside a lot working on my fort. I have been enjoying the weather because its perfect for going outside. My first shelter I made from smaller trees I cut down and striped, along with large limbs I found. Then I cut down small cedar trees to cover my shelter. My second fort I am still working on, instead of cedar trees is going to be covered in leaves. I have additionally made a bark container out of hot cedar resin, bark and a thin piece of wood along with another container I made out of twine and sticks. I happened to find a giant rock and lugged it to my fort. I also have a bench way up in a pine tree but it is not shown in the pictures. I recently found I have neighbors, a huge hive of bees. We have a truce if they don't bother me I won’t bother them. you might notice I have charcoal in an old pan I found it is to rub on my hands when I make a trap to keep my scent off of it.
I'm beginning my second fort

fort from outside

were great friends heh heh..
my "furniture"
charcoal and stick/twine basket
bark container [for blackberries in summer]
inside of shelter


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